Trystan Bull
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Breaking Bad

Trystan Bull is has returned with another steamy update. Officer Bull is here to save the day and to punish everyone that doesn’t respect the law. But here’s the thing he doesn’t punish them the usual way, instead he bangs their asses. Trystan teaches this guy a lesson as well, being a smart ass never gets you anywhere. The punk started talking trash to him in a store so Officer Trystan took him for a ride to his place, to show him a thing or two. It’s not like the guy could do or say anything, so he was just curious to see what happens next. Once they got home, Trystan took him to the bedroom and once the guy saw him taking off his clothes, he knew what was going to happen next. He asked him to undress as well and now that both of them are butt naked things can finally roll.

It’s not like Trystan tried to be subtle, he came straight forward and the smart ass was going to have an afternoon he won’t forget too soon. Before the guy could even say a word Trystan already shoved his big dick in his filthy mouth and was ready for a blowjob. The guy did everything he was told to do, but when Trystan got hammer his ass, that must’ve been the best part of it all. You can check it out entirely in the gallery below and don’t forget to return for more steamy TrystanBull updates!


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