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Trystan Bull – Fuck Video

Remember your favorite guy’s passion for BDSM? Well today he has a Trystan Bull video featuring just that once more. And just like last time he got together with that buddy of his to put this plan into motion. As they meet up that sexy guy like Mike18 already has the chains out and is prepared to let himself be all tied up and do Trystan’s bidding today. Well our man doesn’t take long to bind him up again and secure him to the little fuck table that they had going on. Sit back and enjoy the show that’s to follow.

So as TrystanBull got his buddy all tied up and immobile once again and just like last time, he plants his big dick inside his mouth to make for a nice starter to this video scene. Without further due, sit back and watch as they continue they sex session with the guy lifting up his legs and allowing Trystan to stick his big cock up his ass. So watch them go at their evening sex session for this BDSM update. Enjoy the video guys and we’ll be seeing you once more next week. Until then have fun and enjoy. Bye bye!

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Trystan Bull Video – Over The Top, Under The Bull

Hey there guys we’re back and this time we have another treat for you. In this update we have a Trystan Bull video all primed and ready for your viewing pleasure. Trystan decided to go for one more night out and try to pick up another horny guy just as him. So he went down to the pub and and sure enough he spotted a guy that seems to have stroke his fancy today. So he engaged in a conversation with him in hopes of getting him interested. Sure enough he did and before you knew it the pair of horny dudes were heading back to Trystan’s place to have some private fun.

When they reach his apartment the horny guys continue the kissing session that started at the bar and they do so with style and they continue to put passion in every caress and kiss that they deliver. When they’re all nice and hard it’s time for the cocks to penetrate some asses and TrystanBull takes dibs for this one. It also seems that his friend in enjoying himself allot with the whole  thing. And you have to see him moan in pleasure as his tight ass is being plowed by that big and hard cock. Again we are taking our leave and we’re telling you to enjoy. Bye and don’t forget about the other galleries from the website as well everyone!

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Happy Ending Massage

Seems that Trystan Bull feels rather stressed out this time so he makes a visit to his favorite massage parlor that fortunately for him also gives happy endings for every session. Well he’s a regular at their salon so he the patrons always know just what he’s looking for. Today these sexy buddies had in a new guy, but he was quickly making a name at the spot with his expert massages and happy endings given. Seems that all of his clients left happy after he was done with them. Just the same today you’ll get to see Trystan get that special treatment from him.

As he enters the room the masseur introduces introduces himself TrystanBull takes his spot on the massage table. Once he’s all laid on his back and waiting the masseur starts working his magic on his body. As he starts to work on Trystan’s body the guy can already feel all the stress draining away slowly as those expert hands work on every inch of his body. And as for the happy end, well let’s just say that the masseur uses his mouth to massage his cock too. Well that’s it for this update guys, we’ll be seeing you in the next update with even more content.


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Trystan & Gabriel Lenfant

Trystan Bull returns for another fresh and hot gallery with another hot stud having some private fun in an office. One other thing that Trystan enjoys is role play and it seems that the guy never got the chance to play the role of a boss. So today we wanted to cater to that fantasy of his and put him in the nig man’s chair to have his way with one of his subordinates. The guy that was offering up his body to Trystan to enjoy is named Gabriel Lenfant and his another hot hunk of a man that always enjoys a good gay sex session if he has the chance to enjoy one.

So as the scene starts Trystan Bull is sitting in his chair and he’s all stressed and tensed up. So what’s he to do to get through the day today. He calls in his trusty male secretary Gabriel to take care of his needs as he really wants to unwind today. And Gabriel knows just what Trystan needs today. So he undresses his boss and reveals his big cock to start working on it. Watch as Gabriel starts sucking Trystan’s cock with a passion and enjoy watching the two guys fucking each other in this fresh and new update today. Enjoy and we’ll be seeing you next time. Until then, you can visit Austin Wilde blog if you wanna find similar content. See you soon, friends!


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Trystan Bull and Hunter Vance

Hunter Vance is a old colleague of Trystan Bull  and today they got the chance to meet up again in one sizzling hot and fresh gallery to shoot. The two guys appeared before together and they became best friends since then since they always have perfect chemistry while they’re on camera. When Trystan found out that he was shooting again with the other guy he was really happy and just couldn’t wait for the moment to see the cameras start rolling to capture one more of their sex adventure. So without further due let’s watch them go at it.

When the scene starts Hunter goes straight for Trystan’s cock and straight away starts sucking on it with a passion. A thing that TrystanBull enjoys and just lets him do his thing while he’s moaning in pleasure and enjoying the blow job. But then he takes his place and sucks his cock as well since he wants to satisfy him as well. After they’re all done sucking cocks they make sure to take turns putting their asses up for grabs so that the other may fuck thoroughly with his big cock. That’s it for this one guys, come back next week for more awesome content. Come inside blog if you’re looking for similar content. Until next time!


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Trystan and Wolfie Blue

This week’s Trystan Bull update features your beloved gay porn star along with another older buddy of his. The two decided to meet up today since they didn’t see each other for so long, and catch up on what they’ve been doing as of late. They met up at zebatlas  house and the guy busted out some beers and set up the pool table, being all prepared to spend one relaxing afternoon with his friend for this one. As his buddy arrived the two guys greeted each other eagerly and they went to the living room when Trystan had everything set up.

They took their spots on the chair popping open a few cold ones while they talked. After they got bored of talking they went for the pool table and theys tarted playing. Last time they met Trystan Bull was very bad at the game and always lost. So he made a bet with the guy, if he’d win he’d get to stick his cock up his ass, a offer that the guy too him up on and they played. Suffice to say Trystan won hands down so now it was time to collect the debt. Watch him as he bends his buddy over the pool table as he’s fucking him hard style in the ass. Enjoy and see you soon.


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Trystan Bull – Glory Hole

Well it’s another fresh week and we have another sweet and brand new Trystan Bull update to show off. Today Trystan was contacted if he’d like to do a gig involving some glory hole action, so our man accepted on the spot. It didn’t matter if he’d be on the receiving end or planting his cock though the hole, he was really eager to do this sort of thing as he never got the chance before and he was really curious. So like we said the next door male accepted and headed over to the spot to see what he’d be in for this fine day for the photo shoot.

As he arrived he was debriefed and told what he was suppose to do. To his satisfaction he found out that he’d be the one planting his cock through the hole as a lucky guy would come along and he’d be able to enjoy sucking him off. And with that our dude went inside the stall all smiles and put his cock through the hole. Suffice to say that a guy soon turned up and he immediately kneeled down at the marvelous sight of Trystan’s big and erect cock. He then proceeded to suck Trystan off until the guy blows his load all over the guy’s face. Enjoy the gallery guys!


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Trystan Bull Pics

Another week and time for some more Trystan Bull pics for your viewing pleasure. Your favorite gay porn star decided to take a trip to a local club for the night in hopes of striking lucky and finding a potential dude to fuck in tonight’s fuck fest that he desires so badly to do. So he entered the place, ordered a beer, and then took his time scoping out the place to see what potential candidates he has for spending his night fucking with he has. Sure enough he laid eyes on a guy that was pretty much just what he was looking for so he went down to him to strike up a conversation.

And when they engaged in their talk, Trystan put on his charm to work and see if the guy would take the bait. Sure enough the guy responded to his advances and they headed back to Trystan’s place kissing all the way there. Once inside Trystan locked the door behind them so that no one else disturbed them from their nightly activity of sexual fun. Watch as the guy sucks on the porn star’s big and eager cock in the beginning and then see him as he offers up his ass for a nice fucking by the said cock. Enjoy guys and we’ll be back with more next week as always. If you enjoyed watching these sexy guys fucking, maybe you might take a look at some sexy emo boys in action! Bye!

trystan-bull-pics trystan-bull-drunk-and-horny

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Tied and Abused

For this Trystan Bull update the horny porn star sets off to show just how creative and naughty he can be when devising new scenes for his sex sessions. In this one for example the hunk aims to show off his passion for some light BDSM with his buddy, and don’t worry the other guy enjoys being bound and fucked by Trystan’s big and throbbing cock any time. So he plays the submissive little man slut for this gallery as Trystan prepares his dick and chains to bind him to a table. The guy that’s going to be fucked seems to start liking this more and more.

So Trystan does his job ob securing his body to the table so he can’t move while he’s going to have his way with that hot body of his whether he likes it or not. In the beginning of the scene you get to see Trystan offering up his cock and planting it in the guy’s eager mouth to suck on it. And boy does he do one amazing job of sucking Trystan off with all that he’s got. Watch as Trystan enjoys a nice and deep blowjob offered by his bound friend and then see Trystan as he gets to work on that guy’s eager ass, that’s just awaiting a good stretching today. Come inside men at play blog and see other handsome guys in hardcore gay sex action! See you soon!


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Trystan Bull Porn Scene

One more fresh week and time for another Trystan Bull porn scene to be brought to you today. in this gallery Trystan and one of his buddies took some time off and went to tour the country side for a bit. These sexy studs found a remote cabin that they just had to spend the weekend in and with that they were all set, and we had our scenery for where the fucking to commence. As the two arrive they can’t take their eyes off the beautiful scenery, and eventually they enter the house to leave their baggage inside.

And with that they decide that the weather’s also just perfect for them to spend some time together in the front yard of the place, enjoying some drinks and who knows maybe even something a little bit special. Sure enough they spend some time just chatting but the pair is always horny so you can pretty much imagine that they didn’t take long to start fucking. Enjoy the show as Trystan plants his buddy with his legs up and sticks his big cock in the guy’s ass fucking him hard style throughout the afternoon. Enjoy everyone!


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