Trystan Bull
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Cyclist In Distress

Trystan Bull and his buddy had a little fun of their own in his garage, as Trystan was preparing him for a contest with an intense cock sucking session. The cyclist was nervous about the competition so he came to his good ol friend TrystanBull for some advice and relaxation. The hot cyclist had a pretty interesting past with Trystan. After a long time of being on and off they finally decided to keep it casual, so yeah, they are fuck buddies. As you noticed Trystan has a lot of fuck buddies and his collection is getting bigger and bigger. Trystan can bang a guy each night without repeating them, so he has a pretty good life from that point of view. He needed to blow some steam and this was the right place to do that.

The horny cyclist knew exactly what he came to and once he saw Trystan he already started taking off his clothes and helped Trytan take off his. The two jocks weren’t patient at all and once they were butt naked the real fun actually started and the guys had a blast taking turns on hammering one another’s ass so don’t miss it out guys because with these two things can only get hotter. Enjoy it and make sure you guys return for more of Trystan’s updates tomorrow and until then you can also check out some of his older updates!


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