Trystan Bull
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Leisure Rules

This turned out to be a way better day that Trystan Bull expected it to be. He got to have some fun around the pool with his pool boy and he sure enjoyed getting his dick sucked off by him. Trystan forgot to tell his pool guy to take the day off so while he was enjoying the sun he saw the poor guy working around the pool. It was so hot outside that e felt bad for him, so instead he invited him to join him for a drink and call it a day. While they were talking Trystan found out that he had some serious money problems. He wanted to help him out but didn’t want to seem disrespectful so he thought about a better way to give him the cash he needs.

It was clear for everyone that he was into dudes and so was Trystan, you seen where we are going with this right? So Trystan tried his luck and offered his pool boy a way out of his problems with the minimum of effort. He didn;t even need to think about it, he would’ve probably did it for free too. So there you have them in action in the scene below and the pool guy did his best to please his boss by sucking off his dick and then taking his dick up his ass. He did it all but did he do a good job? That’s up to you to decided. Check it all out below!


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