Trystan Bull
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Nursing The Wounded

Services are getting better and better or, at least, where Trystan Bull goes. When you read full services on a medical brochure you don’t really expect to see guys taking your dick up their holes. These guys sure love to nurse the wounded and you can find the best services here. The place is packed with male nurses that walk around with few or no clothes at all. This place is Heaven on Earth for anyone that’s into dudes and to ake it clear all these guys are smoking hot. You can pick your own assistant and then have all the fun you want with them and that’s exactly what Trystan did once he got there. This is the best vacation any guy can take and once you get there you will not want to leave it afterward.

He saw this cute assistant wandering around the hallway and picked him to look over him for the few days that he was staying there. The services there were impeccable. These guys would do anything you want them too and you could have them for as long as you need them too. Trystan and his assistant started it slow with a blowjob, to test the guy out and we have to give it to him he did a good job and Trystan thinks that too. But you can check it out for yourself and let us know what did you think about the hot assistant. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more!


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