Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull – Bull Dozing

Trystan Bull, your favorite hunk, is back with an outdoor sex scene this time. The ripped jock had some backyard fun with one of the guy working next door and that fun included pounding his ass. The cute stud was working next door, his neighbor was building a guest house and his backyard was packed with studs and Trystan really enjoyed that view. But only one of them caught Trystan’s eye and he was determined to get him one way or another. He kept on spending more and more time in his backyard, visiting his neighbor and even lied about needing a team for a personal project. He was the team captain so he was the guy that was in charge of everything.

Trystan invited him over to his place to look at the place and tell him if he could get a bigger pool. I think it’s obvious that there wasn’t any pool involved, just a horny guy trying to get laid and he wasn;t giving up so easily. Trystan knew that once he gets him in the house he can seal the deal. After they talked about the pool, Trystan told him that he also would like to extend his porch. Once they got there, outside of everyone’s eyes Trystan made his move and things got hot fast. The clothes were off and these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Check it out below!


Watch here Trystan hammering another fine ass!