Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull – Pool Sticks

Who said that the gym is strictly for working out? Trystan Bull found another great use for it and that included a lot of hot guys getting their asses pounded by him. Trystan is the man in charge with all the rookies, so each time a new guy comes in he is the one taking care of them. All the guys around there know it and they sent them to him for a good reason. No one loves pounding ass like Trystan does. He;s not an instructor there but he knows his way around the equipment. The other day this guy came in and he was struggling with the weights so Trystan gave him a hand and they end up being the last to leave the gym.

After all the other hunks left the building Trystan started to slowly make his moves on the new cute stud and he couldn’t resist his charms. In helped that he was into dudes because Trystan is good with the doubt that he could convince a straight guy this fast to get fucked by him. So everyone worked for him as things usually do and here they are on the weight bench taking turns on fucking their asses. There’s no better way to end a gym session that with an ass fucking session and this guy learned that the TrystanBull way. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire picture gallery below!


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