Trystan Bull
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These athletes just can’t get enough of Trystan Bull and his hard dick. Trystan is back in the ring but not for a fight is more of an ass drilling situation this time. Well, everything actually started from a fight and a lost bet. One of the guys wanted to fight Trystan and they had a pretty interesting bet on place. The loser had to do whatever the winner desires. Not the smartest bet to make when you aren’t a good fighter. Once the bell ringed and the fight started you could easily see that this guy was in some serious problems and there’s no way he was getting out of it without getting his ass kicked. We were right about that and soon after the fight started Trystan took care of business and kicked his sorry little ass and now the actual fun could begin.


Trystan asked for his ass if he won the fight and now he had to take and enjoy his prize. If only all fights would be like this one, we’re telling you, you haven’t seen something like this in a while. Trystan all over his losing ass is definitely going to make your day a lot better. Trystan, as you know, is the best at what he does and each day he finds a way to get his hands on more and more asses. See them in action below and don’t forget to return for more scene tomorrow!

See this Trystan fucking this dude’s fine ass!