Trystan Bull
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The Houseguest

Trystan Bull got a new houseguest and he’s getting all the services around here. Trystan couldn’t let his guest leave without him getting some ass. This guy was a friend of a friend that needed a place to stay for a few days, so Trystan offered him a room in his house. This is the first time he saw him and it was a really surprise. The jock looked amazing and he hoped something might happen between them. He didn’t want to make the first move but he didn’t have a choice, the houseguest was really shy, but he knew the perfect cure for that. There’s nothing a glass of wine can’t get you. After the first bottle the guy was already feeling more comfortable and started talking. Trystan could finally see a progress and they were on the right path.


TrystanBull listened but let’s face it that wasn’t what he wanted from this entire situation. Maybe the second bottle of wine would loosen him up a bit more. The guy don’t hold his drinks too well because after two more glasses he was a mess. A hot mess that Trystan couldn’t wait to bang. The houseguest finally told him that he’s into guys and that’s all that Trystan needed to hear. Below you can see him as happy as he can get having his hot houseguest blowing his dick. It was a really nice visit! You must check out the scene entirely.

Take a look at the houseguest blowing Trystan’s dick!