Trystan Bull
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Trystan and Wolfie Blue

This week’s Trystan Bull update features your beloved gay porn star along with another older buddy of his. The two decided to meet up today since they didn’t see each other for so long, and catch up on what they’ve been doing as of late. They met up at zebatlas  house and the guy busted out some beers and set up the pool table, being all prepared to spend one relaxing afternoon with his friend for this one. As his buddy arrived the two guys greeted each other eagerly and they went to the living room when Trystan had everything set up.

They took their spots on the chair popping open a few cold ones while they talked. After they got bored of talking they went for the pool table and theys tarted playing. Last time they met Trystan Bull was very bad at the game and always lost. So he made a bet with the guy, if he’d win he’d get to stick his cock up his ass, a offer that the guy too him up on and they played. Suffice to say Trystan won hands down so now it was time to collect the debt. Watch him as he bends his buddy over the pool table as he’s fucking him hard style in the ass. Enjoy and see you soon.


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