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Another week and time for some more Trystan Bull pics for your viewing pleasure. Your favorite gay porn star decided to take a trip to a local club for the night in hopes of striking lucky and finding a potential dude to fuck in tonight’s fuck fest that he desires so badly to do. So he entered the place, ordered a beer, and then took his time scoping out the place to see what potential candidates he has for spending his night fucking with he has. Sure enough he laid eyes on a guy that was pretty much just what he was looking for so he went down to him to strike up a conversation.

And when they engaged in their talk, Trystan put on his charm to work and see if the guy would take the bait. Sure enough the guy responded to his advances and they headed back to Trystan’s place kissing all the way there. Once inside Trystan locked the door behind them so that no one else disturbed them from their nightly activity of sexual fun. Watch as the guy sucks on the porn star’s big and eager cock in the beginning and then see him as he offers up his ass for a nice fucking by the said cock. Enjoy guys and we’ll be back with more next week as always. If you enjoyed watching these sexy guys fucking, maybe you might take a look at some sexy emo boys in action! Bye!

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