Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull – Sausage Fest

Welcome to cooking with Trystan Bull, your favorite stud is here to showcase more of his skills. Today we are going to have a sausage fest from yours truly as he has his sous chef eating his ass out on the kitchen counter. This would be a great TV show to watch. Seeing to guys in the kitchen, cooking and fucking, fucking and cooking. It would definitely something amazing to watch. Trystan just hired a new stud to help him around with his cooking. He’s actually considering a career in this field, but he just goes too far with it because somehow during the process things get too sexual.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s always surrounded by hot naked guys helping him around. We’re just saying that might be one of the reasons. Either way, Trystan doesn’t give up so easily on his dreams so here he is with another assistant, maybe this time things will work out and he is going to actually finish a recipe. Chef Bull and sous chef started thing the right way and there was actually a small hope that this time he was going to get it. Well, once he took a closer look at his sous chef’s ass his priorities shifted and so did him. How else would his sous chef get a better view of his ass. So let the sausage fest begin!


Click here and see Trystan getting his ass eaten out!