Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull – Under The Bull

Being under the bull, under Trystan Bull is one of the things that most of the men wish for. But to get there is actually a matter of luck. Let’s take the guy that’s sucking off his dick in the preview below. Well, he was hired for a party and was in charge with the bar. When Trystan got home the guys were setting up the place for the next day. He’s had such a long day so a drink was more than welcomed. One drink became two, then three and you know where this goes. He doesn’t like drinking by himself so the cute bartender joined him and by the time they finished drinking they were the only two left in the house. This turned out to be a good day after all.

Now that they had the entire place to themselves it would be a waste not to test out the bar. In case you missed seeing TrystanBull naked, here you have, butt naked on top of a bar, flashing his hard dick in front of the rolling camera. Trystan really knows how to have a great time no matter where he is or with who. The long list of hunks continues for Trystan and he can add this one to the guys that were under the Bull. You get to see them in action in the scene below so don’t forget to check it out entirely. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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