Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull Video – Over The Top, Under The Bull

Hey there guys we’re back and this time we have another treat for you. In this update we have a Trystan Bull video all primed and ready for your viewing pleasure. Trystan decided to go for one more night out and try to pick up another horny guy just as him. So he went down to the pub and and sure enough he spotted a guy that seems to have stroke his fancy today. So he engaged in a conversation with him in hopes of getting him interested. Sure enough he did and before you knew it the pair of horny dudes were heading back to Trystan’s place to have some private fun.

When they reach his apartment the horny guys continue the kissing session that started at the bar and they do so with style and they continue to put passion in every caress and kiss that they deliver. When they’re all nice and hard it’s time for the cocks to penetrate some asses and TrystanBull takes dibs for this one. It also seems that his friend in enjoying himself allot with the whole  thing. And you have to see him moan in pleasure as his tight ass is being plowed by that big and hard cock. Again we are taking our leave and we’re telling you to enjoy. Bye and don’t forget about the other galleries from the website as well everyone!

Watch here Trystan Bull getting his hard cock pleased!