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Trystan Bull – Wine & Grind

Nothing beats a afternoon of wining and grinding for Trystan Bull. The hunk went to a wine tasting at a ranch outside the city and ended up fucking an employee that works there. It was the middle of the week so there weren’t too many people around. He had the guide all to himself and went on a tour of the place to see the entire place. Having him just to himself got all kind of ideas in Trystan’s mind. He could already imagine fucking him in the middle of the place. The guy was hot, young and Mr. Bull is pretty confident that he’s gonna enjoy taking some dick up his ass. Right before they finished the tour, the guide took him to the cellar to try out their wines.

We don’t know if it was the wine or not but Trystan sure got a lot more confident. He wasn’t going to let him get away without even giving it a try. Once they returned outside Trystan made his move and asked the guide if he’s seeing anyone. The guy was so shy that he barely said two words but he didn’t need to because Trystan got the message and took care of everything from that point on. They were next to this fountain when the stripping and fucking began. Check them out in action in the scene below and don’t forget to get back for more TrystanBull scenes!



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Through The Glory Hole

Everyone kept on talking about this glory hole so Trystan Bull had to try it for himself to see what all the fuss was about. So here he is, dick out ready to have some fun with a complete stranger. There was a place only for guys that have glory holes in their bathroom. It was a bit weird being his first time he didn’t know what to expect from it and another thing that worried him is that you never who is going to be on the other side of the wall. Once he entered the pub and saw the place packed with hot guys, he knew that whoever was going to be at least he’s hot. He wanted to get a blowjob so he went to the bathroom and waited in line. Then he entered and got ready for it.


Clothes off, dick out and he was waiting to hear the door so he could get this thing started. Once the first guy entered and closed the door behind it was time, he shoved his dick through the hole and waited for something to happen. As soon as the guy started sucking off his dick he knew he made the right call by coming here. The fact that you don’t know who’s on the other side of the wall makes it so much more interesting. You guys must try it out and if you’re not convinced check out the entire scene below!

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Trystan Bull – Under The Bull

Being under the bull, under Trystan Bull is one of the things that most of the men wish for. But to get there is actually a matter of luck. Let’s take the guy that’s sucking off his dick in the preview below. Well, he was hired for a party and was in charge with the bar. When Trystan got home the guys were setting up the place for the next day. He’s had such a long day so a drink was more than welcomed. One drink became two, then three and you know where this goes. He doesn’t like drinking by himself so the cute bartender joined him and by the time they finished drinking they were the only two left in the house. This turned out to be a good day after all.

Now that they had the entire place to themselves it would be a waste not to test out the bar. In case you missed seeing TrystanBull naked, here you have, butt naked on top of a bar, flashing his hard dick in front of the rolling camera. Trystan really knows how to have a great time no matter where he is or with who. The long list of hunks continues for Trystan and he can add this one to the guys that were under the Bull. You get to see them in action in the scene below so don’t forget to check it out entirely. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more!


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The Watering Hose

More action from Trystan Bull backyard and you know it’s going to be hot. This time your favorite stud has some intense action for you that included a lot of ass banging. The best part of having so much free time is that you can enjoy all the small things in life. For Trystan, nothing compares to a good morning when he looks out the window and sees that cute gardener without a shirt doing his job. You know, everyone has their own little guilty pleasures. The good thing tho is that Trystan knows that he can have him as many times as he pleases. This was their deal from day one, he gets a big check but that implies a lot of long hours around the house. He had to be at Trystan’s disposal whenever he needed him.

This morning seemed a pretty good day for some exercises outdoor. Once his gardener saw him wearing only his robe and coming towards him, he knew what was going to happen next. The boss was in the mood for some outdoor sex. Trystan check out to see if the coast is clear and then let his gardener do his job that had to include a blowjob. Like we said nothing is better than some morning outdoor action. Enjoy this scene with Trystan and his cute gardener and no worries you are going to see some ass banging as well. Enjoy it!


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Trystan Bull – The Masseur

Massage sessions with Trystan Bull must be a delight. Otherwise, we don’t understand how these guys keep finishing their massage sessions on their knees waiting to get to get jizzed. Trystan keeps finding these guys and we couldn’t be happier about it. He went to his usual parlor, but his masseur was out of town so he had to try out a new guy. Well, the new guy was a pro and never passed the limit with his clients. That was until he got a glance at Trystan’s body. That tiny towel around his waist, those rock hard muscles, and that pretty face made him change his mind about messing around with clients. But now how could he do that without getting in trouble. The nasty masseur couldn’t afford to lose his job but he still wanted a piece of him.

While he was thinking about that and rubbing Trystan’s tense body, things worked out for him without him lifting even a finger. The masseur felt, out of a sudden, a hand grabbing his dick and that was pretty much it. You could tell by Trystan’s face what he wanted from him and he wanted the same thing. The masseur got down on his knees, like they all do, and showed him just how good he is at sucking dicks. Take a look at these guys taking turns on one another’s ass in the latest update!


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The Houseguest

Trystan Bull got a new houseguest and he’s getting all the services around here. Trystan couldn’t let his guest leave without him getting some ass. This guy was a friend of a friend that needed a place to stay for a few days, so Trystan offered him a room in his house. This is the first time he saw him and it was a really surprise. The jock looked amazing and he hoped something might happen between them. He didn’t want to make the first move but he didn’t have a choice, the houseguest was really shy, but he knew the perfect cure for that. There’s nothing a glass of wine can’t get you. After the first bottle the guy was already feeling more comfortable and started talking. Trystan could finally see a progress and they were on the right path.


TrystanBull listened but let’s face it that wasn’t what he wanted from this entire situation. Maybe the second bottle of wine would loosen him up a bit more. The guy don’t hold his drinks too well because after two more glasses he was a mess. A hot mess that Trystan couldn’t wait to bang. The houseguest finally told him that he’s into guys and that’s all that Trystan needed to hear. Below you can see him as happy as he can get having his hot houseguest blowing his dick. It was a really nice visit! You must check out the scene entirely.

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Trystan Bull – Short Shafted

Nothing can surprise us when it’s about Trystan Bull. He literally pushed out limits as far as they can go, so when we saw him in a threesome we are a bit curious to see how things went. So here it is, two hot hunks get some action and that included asses and mouth fucked and Trystan, of course, is there for all the fun. These two were looking for a house to buy so they came to see Trystan’s place. As you can see from the preview things didn’t go as they would’ve expected it. Once they got there Trystan offered them a tour of the house and once they were in the bedroom the gay couple noticed a stack of gay porn magazines. It was clear that they were a couple but now they know that Trystan is also into dudes. Isn’t that some amazing news?

The couple always wanted to try out a threesome and now they finally found the right guy for the job. Convincing Trystan must’ve been the easiest thing for them all and since they were in the bedroom it made sense that they continue the fun there. So you gotta see these ripped jocks taking turns on getting double teamed and getting both of their holes stuffed at the same time. It’s gonna be great, trust us! Make sure you check it out entirely by following the link below and we’ll see you tomorrow with more scenes!


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Stepdad Banged Me

Stepdaddy Trystan Bull shows us just how much he loves his family, his new family. The best part of a new family is that you get to know and share a lot of things with the people around you. Well, TrystanBull decided to try it out and share his dick with his new stepsons. Not actually what he had in mind but we’ll roll with it. Trystan was alone with the two twinks this entire weekend and it was time for them to get to know one another a bit better. Trystan talked with the guys before but he had this feeling that they were hiding something from him and he wasn’t wrong. The twinks were both into dudes but didn’t know how to break the new to their new daddy. But what the twinks didn’t know was that their new daddy is also into guys. This should be a fun conversation! Both of the twinks were so nervous about it but they didn’t know that they have so many things in common with their daddy.

Trystan finally convinced them to open up to him and once everything was on the table, the guys asked their new daddy for some help in that department. So right there in the middle of their backyard, Trystan offered them a life lesson. We have to give it to the guys they really listen to their parents even when that involves getting your ass slammed by one of them. This was all for today so make sure you guys return for more updates.


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Trystan Bull – Sausage Fest

Welcome to cooking with Trystan Bull, your favorite stud is here to showcase more of his skills. Today we are going to have a sausage fest from yours truly as he has his sous chef eating his ass out on the kitchen counter. This would be a great TV show to watch. Seeing to guys in the kitchen, cooking and fucking, fucking and cooking. It would definitely something amazing to watch. Trystan just hired a new stud to help him around with his cooking. He’s actually considering a career in this field, but he just goes too far with it because somehow during the process things get too sexual.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s always surrounded by hot naked guys helping him around. We’re just saying that might be one of the reasons. Either way, Trystan doesn’t give up so easily on his dreams so here he is with another assistant, maybe this time things will work out and he is going to actually finish a recipe. Chef Bull and sous chef started thing the right way and there was actually a small hope that this time he was going to get it. Well, once he took a closer look at his sous chef’s ass his priorities shifted and so did him. How else would his sous chef get a better view of his ass. So let the sausage fest begin!


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Serviced With A Smile

These athletes just can’t get enough of Trystan Bull and his hard dick. Trystan is back in the ring but not for a fight is more of an ass drilling situation this time. Well, everything actually started from a fight and a lost bet. One of the guys wanted to fight Trystan and they had a pretty interesting bet on place. The loser had to do whatever the winner desires. Not the smartest bet to make when you aren’t a good fighter. Once the bell ringed and the fight started you could easily see that this guy was in some serious problems and there’s no way he was getting out of it without getting his ass kicked. We were right about that and soon after the fight started Trystan took care of business and kicked his sorry little ass and now the actual fun could begin.


Trystan asked for his ass if he won the fight and now he had to take and enjoy his prize. If only all fights would be like this one, we’re telling you, you haven’t seen something like this in a while. Trystan all over his losing ass is definitely going to make your day a lot better. Trystan, as you know, is the best at what he does and each day he finds a way to get his hands on more and more asses. See them in action below and don’t forget to return for more scene tomorrow!

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