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Trystan Bull – Raging Bull

Training got a lot more interesting since Trystan Bull is in that locker after each practice. Why stop the fun once you finish the practice when you can enjoy the time and relax for a bit. Trystan loves hammering these athletes and he does it each time he has the chance. Trystan is in charge with their physical preparation and he’s doing a great job as everyone can see in the preview below. Locker time must be his favorite part of the day. Because that’s his alone time with the player and he takes full advantage of that. Each day a new ass to bang, doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Trystan thought that too that’s why he has a new guy getting slammed in this one and you have one of the best seats in the house to enjoy that. These locker room updates must be the hottest we have around here!

The guy was just transferred from another team and today he got introduced to Mr. Bull and his techniques. He didn’t understand why everyone left the locker soo fast. Once Trystan entered with that look on his face things started connecting in his head. All the players are into dudes so it’s not like they haven’t done it before. So check out below the freshest ass getting nailed in the scene below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time with more TrystanBull updates!


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Nursing The Wounded

Services are getting better and better or, at least, where Trystan Bull goes. When you read full services on a medical brochure you don’t really expect to see guys taking your dick up their holes. These guys sure love to nurse the wounded and you can find the best services here. The place is packed with male nurses that walk around with few or no clothes at all. This place is Heaven on Earth for anyone that’s into dudes and to ake it clear all these guys are smoking hot. You can pick your own assistant and then have all the fun you want with them and that’s exactly what Trystan did once he got there. This is the best vacation any guy can take and once you get there you will not want to leave it afterward.

He saw this cute assistant wandering around the hallway and picked him to look over him for the few days that he was staying there. The services there were impeccable. These guys would do anything you want them too and you could have them for as long as you need them too. Trystan and his assistant started it slow with a blowjob, to test the guy out and we have to give it to him he did a good job and Trystan thinks that too. But you can check it out for yourself and let us know what did you think about the hot assistant. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more!


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Trystan Bull – Raging Boner

We know how much you guys likes the gym update so Trystan has another one for you. Same gym, same result, different guy getting fucked by Trystan. Everyone knows the routine around the gym, except this new guy, he made the mistake of talking trash to Trystan. First of all that’s not a great way to handle your problems and secondly it’s a really bad idea to talk trash to a guy that loves fucking other dudes. It’s clear that the guy didn’t knew how Trystan handled his business but he found out shortly after that, like every guy around there. You don’t mess around with Trystan without being ready to pay the price.


One day when he was the only one there he had a more private meeting with Mr. Bull and out of a sudden he completely forgot all the trashy things he said about him. He tried apologizing but that wasn’t going to work with Trystan, no, he needed a bit more. He was set up to teach this guy a lesson and he did it the way he knew. No worries that included a lot of ass fucking and dick sucking, so you are going to see it all in the scene below. Just by looking at the preview you can tell that this is going to be a really special scene. TrystanBull did it again and he delivered another hardcore gay sex scene and you can check it out entirely below!

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Leisure Rules

This turned out to be a way better day that Trystan Bull expected it to be. He got to have some fun around the pool with his pool boy and he sure enjoyed getting his dick sucked off by him. Trystan forgot to tell his pool guy to take the day off so while he was enjoying the sun he saw the poor guy working around the pool. It was so hot outside that e felt bad for him, so instead he invited him to join him for a drink and call it a day. While they were talking Trystan found out that he had some serious money problems. He wanted to help him out but didn’t want to seem disrespectful so he thought about a better way to give him the cash he needs.

It was clear for everyone that he was into dudes and so was Trystan, you seen where we are going with this right? So Trystan tried his luck and offered his pool boy a way out of his problems with the minimum of effort. He didn;t even need to think about it, he would’ve probably did it for free too. So there you have them in action in the scene below and the pool guy did his best to please his boss by sucking off his dick and then taking his dick up his ass. He did it all but did he do a good job? That’s up to you to decided. Check it all out below!


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Trystan Bull – Pool Sticks

Who said that the gym is strictly for working out? Trystan Bull found another great use for it and that included a lot of hot guys getting their asses pounded by him. Trystan is the man in charge with all the rookies, so each time a new guy comes in he is the one taking care of them. All the guys around there know it and they sent them to him for a good reason. No one loves pounding ass like Trystan does. He;s not an instructor there but he knows his way around the equipment. The other day this guy came in and he was struggling with the weights so Trystan gave him a hand and they end up being the last to leave the gym.

After all the other hunks left the building Trystan started to slowly make his moves on the new cute stud and he couldn’t resist his charms. In helped that he was into dudes because Trystan is good with the doubt that he could convince a straight guy this fast to get fucked by him. So everyone worked for him as things usually do and here they are on the weight bench taking turns on fucking their asses. There’s no better way to end a gym session that with an ass fucking session and this guy learned that the TrystanBull way. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire picture gallery below!


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Instructor Bull

Inspector Trystan Bull has a new student that’s eager to learn from his vast experience. As you can see below their lesson started the right way and the hard working student began with sucking off his teacher’s hard dick. This isn’t what he signed in for but if his teacher wanted more from him he was going to give that to him. Instructor Bull was giving all kind of lessons but these had to be his favorite ones. A bunch of hot hunks lining up for him and he got to do anything he wanted with them, Yeah, things are pretty good for Trystan. One way or another he gets his hands on all the hot guys and while he teaches then they guys are basically doing everything that he likes in the sack. This must be one of the jobs there are!

Every single one of them gave their best and Trystan appreciated all their hard work. Today he got another hard worker and he couldn’t wait to test him out. Today they focused on his oral skills and spend some time on that couch learning. Trystan had a great afternoon and his lucky student as well, an endless series of blowjobs and we never saw a guy that loves getting jizzed as much as this one. So make sure you watch instructor Trystan in action in the scene below. Enjoy it and we’ll see you tomorrow with more!


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Trystan Bull – Head Janitor

The head janitor got to meet Trystan Bull and as you can see they got along pretty well. Trystan didn’t mind adding another guy to his list and this was actually a lot more fun that his usual scenes, he can’t even remember the last time he was in school and back then he definitely didn’t get the chance to bang the janitor. Trystan went over to pick up one of his friend’s kid and he got there a bit earlier and he was still in class. He had some time on his hands so he took a look around the place. While he was wandering in the hallways he saw this cute janitor wanking off his dick while watching some porn. Everyone was busy in class so why not take advantage of the free time.


He was expecting anyone there so once he saw Trystan looking at him through the window he was surprised and didn’t know how to react to it. But Trystan made it easier for him because instead of leaving he entered the room and took over and gave the guy a hand. Who knew that schools can be this fun? Just look at Trystan below getting his dick sucked off by the horny janitor in the middle of the locker room. Thankfully no one caught them in action. You can see it all in the scene below. Enjoy it!

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Cyclist In Distress

Trystan Bull and his buddy had a little fun of their own in his garage, as Trystan was preparing him for a contest with an intense cock sucking session. The cyclist was nervous about the competition so he came to his good ol friend TrystanBull for some advice and relaxation. The hot cyclist had a pretty interesting past with Trystan. After a long time of being on and off they finally decided to keep it casual, so yeah, they are fuck buddies. As you noticed Trystan has a lot of fuck buddies and his collection is getting bigger and bigger. Trystan can bang a guy each night without repeating them, so he has a pretty good life from that point of view. He needed to blow some steam and this was the right place to do that.

The horny cyclist knew exactly what he came to and once he saw Trystan he already started taking off his clothes and helped Trytan take off his. The two jocks weren’t patient at all and once they were butt naked the real fun actually started and the guys had a blast taking turns on hammering one another’s ass so don’t miss it out guys because with these two things can only get hotter. Enjoy it and make sure you guys return for more of Trystan’s updates tomorrow and until then you can also check out some of his older updates!


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Trystan Bull – Bull Dozing

Trystan Bull, your favorite hunk, is back with an outdoor sex scene this time. The ripped jock had some backyard fun with one of the guy working next door and that fun included pounding his ass. The cute stud was working next door, his neighbor was building a guest house and his backyard was packed with studs and Trystan really enjoyed that view. But only one of them caught Trystan’s eye and he was determined to get him one way or another. He kept on spending more and more time in his backyard, visiting his neighbor and even lied about needing a team for a personal project. He was the team captain so he was the guy that was in charge of everything.

Trystan invited him over to his place to look at the place and tell him if he could get a bigger pool. I think it’s obvious that there wasn’t any pool involved, just a horny guy trying to get laid and he wasn;t giving up so easily. Trystan knew that once he gets him in the house he can seal the deal. After they talked about the pool, Trystan told him that he also would like to extend his porch. Once they got there, outside of everyone’s eyes Trystan made his move and things got hot fast. The clothes were off and these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Check it out below!


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Breaking Bad

Trystan Bull is has returned with another steamy update. Officer Bull is here to save the day and to punish everyone that doesn’t respect the law. But here’s the thing he doesn’t punish them the usual way, instead he bangs their asses. Trystan teaches this guy a lesson as well, being a smart ass never gets you anywhere. The punk started talking trash to him in a store so Officer Trystan took him for a ride to his place, to show him a thing or two. It’s not like the guy could do or say anything, so he was just curious to see what happens next. Once they got home, Trystan took him to the bedroom and once the guy saw him taking off his clothes, he knew what was going to happen next. He asked him to undress as well and now that both of them are butt naked things can finally roll.

It’s not like Trystan tried to be subtle, he came straight forward and the smart ass was going to have an afternoon he won’t forget too soon. Before the guy could even say a word Trystan already shoved his big dick in his filthy mouth and was ready for a blowjob. The guy did everything he was told to do, but when Trystan got hammer his ass, that must’ve been the best part of it all. You can check it out entirely in the gallery below and don’t forget to return for more steamy TrystanBull updates!


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